The contest is over! I’m gonna leave the rest of this old text here for a while because I’m lazy!

Basically, you have until September 9th (7 weeks as of initial post) to submit a chart for one of the listed songs. If you’re one of the top 5 stepartists, I’ll give you $130 (USD).

This contest is themed around permissive music licenses. Most of the music you have to pick from is under some version of CC-BY, which essentially allows others to share, copy, and redistribute the content, including use for commercial purposes, as long as they give appropriate credit. The charts you submit for this contest will be under CC-BY as well. I hope to see many of the charts submitted here be used in multiple rhythm games in the future!

How the contest will go:

  • Anyone can submit a chart at any time while the contest is still going. Of course, if you find out about the contest late you’ll have less time to prepare a chart.
  • Charts get scored by the judges, which are me and one volunteer. There’s a rubric on the Rules page.
  • You can submit charts for multiple songs if you really want. If you do, only your highest-scoring chart will count.
    To clarify: you can submit at most one chart per song. Only one of those charts will actually count for your score, and you can’t win multiple times.
  • Multiple people can submit charts for the same song
  • The game (TempoTonic) won’t have rolls, mines, which is why I’m saying you can only use holds and normal notes in your chart. Also the scroll speed is constant, so stops or bpm changes won’t do anything visually.
  • While submissions are still open, your uploads will be hidden to prevent copying (I can still access them of course). But once submissions close, I will publish them all here, on the Submissions page. Then, anyone can come and download or play any of the submitted charts. There’s even going to be an embedded game engine on the page, so hopefully a lot of people will get to see and play everyone’s work, regardless of whether you win or not.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.
  • Next, judging will happen for about a month (or less, depending on how long it takes).
  • Finally, the winners will be announced, all the judgment-related information will be published, and money will be dispersed!

How to submit a chart:

  • If you’re planning to submit a chart, please create an account as the first thing you do. This will help me measure how much interest there is in the contest. Also, you will need an account to submit a chart anyways. (Note: your username will be displayed publicly, and will be used to credit you)
  • Peruse the songs on the Songs page and decide which one(s) you want to submit a chart for
  • Download the song(s)
  • Optionally make minor cuts or edits to the song(s)
  • Make the chart(s)
  • Submit your finished chart(s) (.sm) and the edited or unedited audio file(s) (.mp3 or .ogg) through the submission form. (Click through to your song’s page and there will be a button that says “Submit A Chart”)


  • Putting multiple difficulties in your file in encouraged – it’s also part of the judging rubric. The difficulty rating you give each difficulty doesn’t matter though.
  • Dumps are fine, just make them good to play.
  • I’m looking for keyboard charts (as opposed to pad charts), which means quads and any patterns are fine
  • You don’t need to include art or graphics in your submission, just the audio and stepfile
  • If you’re making significant cuts to the audio, that’s fine, but in general if more of the song is charted it’s more impressive. So basically just don’t be lazy, and make cuts that make the chart good. I expect 90 seconds of charted music as the absolute minimum.
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